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About us

Who We Are

The Gray August By Rupali Kalra is an interior design & furniture manufacturing brand.

Boldly Colorful, elegant, cheerful, comfortable and full of life are the hallmarks that represents "The Gray August".

People Inevitably take inspiration from the world around them and its hard to imagine a richer environment than home when you have your father "Dinesh Kalra" a veteran with more than 30 years of experience with interiors and furniture, little did he know that his little kid all fascinated with penguins and rainbows will come up with "The Gray August".

Decorating is just sheer fun for her, a delight in color, an awareness of balance, a feeling for lighting, a sense of style, a zest for life and an amused enjoyment of the smart accessories of the moment. Marrying designs and comfort can be difficult task for any designer, but it's a relationship that she has been living.

Despite her keen eye for Designs and Quality, she found the elements of daily life key to any space and believed perfect taste to be a recipe for a soulless room. We at "The Gray August" choose every item, giving our community of visitors a wide range of styles and budgets, so everyone can find something that fits them. By using a mixture of styles, textures and natural elements The Gray August is able to create a unique space that truly encompasses clients vision and personal individuality. Word of mouth is our greatest source of new work, more than any advertising or article. Our aim is to bring together style, elegance, comfort and escapism.

Our Services

Designer Furniture

We are always up with unique and innovative designs and ready to deliver to people whose heart beats for exclusive style and personal selection of luxury materials.

Customized Furniture

We believe in traditional skills and the fundamentals of design for crafting the exact specifications of our clients.

Antique Restoration

We pride ourselves in carefully collecting sympathetically restoring and re-polishing your antique furniture and maintaining its rareness and uniqueness.

Contemporary Furniture

We are on an adventure that validates courageous expression of a contemporary approach.

Our Portfolio

Some of our work.

Meet Our Team

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of creative, smart and experts people.

Dinesh Kalra

Dinesh Kalra


Rupali Kalra

Rupali Kalra



Prashasti Singh

Marketing Head

Mehak Batura

Mehak Batura

Creative Head

What our clients say

the other day we bought a dinning room set and had some friends over for dinner. Our friends liked it so much that they want one for themselves now!! Great buy!!


The Gray August has always fulfilled all the requirements in order to produce furniture with excellent quality and design. The range of the furniture is great. It has always been a pleasure working with Ms.Rupali Kalra who makes sure the client ends up with a smiling face.

Feöm Interiors

We bought a sofa from thegrayaugust and the wood work was so elaborate and beautiful just like the picture on the website!! Simply Loved it.


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